Serious Networking for Business Professionals

Archbold Business Connections was founded to assist local businesses to market themselves, their products or services and to open up communication lines with the business community.

Dick Anderson, The Hubbard Company - As a network business group, ABC provides many advantages to one’s professional career opportunities. By meeting with new business partners regularly, one expands their network of business opportunities and discovers common areas of interest. One of the most important benefits we all receive is listening to others’ experiences and suggestions that apply to our business. The opportunity to engage with others from many walks of the business world provides us with numerous contacts.

Chad Baus, CAR 1 - Word-of-mouth advertising can't be bought - it has to be earned. Networking at ABC presents a wonderful opportunity to generate great word-of-mouth advertising about your business by educating fellow members on why they can feel comfortable referring others to you. Business networking is more an investment of time than money, it is highly effective, and it has become an essential part of my marketing strategy.

Jayma Gobrogge, RTEC Communication - As a Certified Networker Program (CPN) gradate and an original member of ABC I know the value of the group. Once you claim a particular seat in your profession you want to hang on to it, membership in ABC is a priceless asset to your business. Our members understand the value of doing business locally. We truly want to help each other grow our businesses.